Identity Thieves Precautions

The Damage That Identity Thieves Are Capable Of Inflicting
We live in a digital world where we enjoy the conveniences of the internet including the ability to interact with people from all corners of the world with great ease. Great as the internet is however, it has given rise to a dangerous breed of people who are using all the online facilities they can lay their hands on to steal people’s identities with catastrophic results. Should these criminals succeed in stealing your identity, you could suffer immensely.
Give you a criminal record
Some innocent people have found themselves arrested because somebody stole their identities and used it to commit crimes. This normally happens when the criminals get hold of a vital document such as a passport or driver’s license. Sometimes all the thieves need is the passport number. If they get caught in the course of their activities and use your documents, you immediately get a criminal record. It might take years for you to clear your name and in some instances people have found themselves behind bars before their names are cleared.

Mess your credit rating
Some identity thieves use their victim’s identification documents to make credit purchases which (naturally) they never pay for. The victim could then continue with life with no knowledge of the event but such an incident could affect you for a very long time. It goes to give you a bad credit rating and this has long term consequences. People with bad credit might be unable to obtain loans and if they did they’d have to pay very exorbitant interest rates. Again, clearing your name might take a very long time. In some states, insurance companies use an applicant’s credit rating to set rates and people with low credit scores sometimes find themselves paying up to 50% more than the people with great scores. In summary, a low score can have adverse effects on many areas of a person’s life.

Trouble with Internal Revenue
Some identity thieves use other people’s social security numbers (SSN) to make job applications. Should they get hired, they could continue working for years paying taxes in their name but using your SSN. When at a later date the ID thief ceases paying taxes, internal revenue will locate the real owner of the SSN and the victim will be required to account for the unpaid taxes.


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Identity theft has the capacity to drastically inconvenience a person and all measures should be taken to ensure that you do not become a victim.…