Online Identity Theft

Online Identity Theft: How You Could Safeguard Yourself
Identity thieves are everywhere but their real playing ground is the internet. If you are constantly online, you run a great risk of falling victim if you are not careful. Thankfully, by being alert and taking a number of measures, you can stay safe.
Identity thieves and other fraudsters have ways of obtaining people‚Äôs email addresses and then using these to obtain crucial personal info. Classic examples include emails that purportedly come from respectable institutions such as your insurance company or bank. In such mails, the fraudsters could tell you that you have qualified for some monetary reward or bonus and then proceed to ask for sensitive info such as your passport number or your social security number. The right thing to do in situations like that is simply to ignore the mail. Should you think there might be an element of truth in what the mail contains, you should get in touch with the alleged sending institution directly.…