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Online Identity Theft

Online Identity Theft: How You Could Safeguard Yourself
Identity thieves are everywhere but their real playing ground is the internet. If you are constantly online, you run a great risk of falling victim if you are not careful. Thankfully, by being alert and taking a number of measures, you can stay safe.
Identity thieves and other fraudsters have ways of obtaining people’s email addresses and then using these to obtain crucial personal info. Classic examples include emails that purportedly come from respectable institutions such as your insurance company or bank. In such mails, the fraudsters could tell you that you have qualified for some monetary reward or bonus and then proceed to ask for sensitive info such as your passport number or your social security number. The right thing to do in situations like that is simply to ignore the mail. Should you think there might be an element of truth in what the mail contains, you should get in touch with the alleged sending institution directly.…


When is the Best Time to get SEO Assistance

As the demand for quality SEO services increase every single day, hundreds of SEO firms all over the globe have sprouted like mushrooms everywhere. You can find them in almost all countries of the globe, and one best example is none other than Green Genie SEO. But, the million dollar question is, does your business really require the assistance and guidance of a company like Green Genie SEO?

Search engine optimization or simple SEO is in demand among businesses of all types and sizes. With around a quarter of overall global sales attribute to online marketing, you cannot just simply ignore, can you? Its power and role in marketing campaigns is no doubt essential, specifically to companies that find it hard to make physical expansions.  The online world gives them the perfect opportunity to expand with minimal costs. These are the very reasons why SEO holds such a crucial part in increasing the revenue of a company.

Just so you know it, SEO in Oshawa is not really as complicated as what other companies have probably made you believe in the past. However, there are several circumstances in which the guidance and assistance of a company like Green Genie SEO becomes indispensable.

Here are a few of the common situations wherein it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of Green Genie SEO Pittsburgh.

Your business requires your complete and full attention, and you don’t have the time to monitor all the happenings and statistics on your website.

Companies and businesses that are short of qualified employees who can carry out SEO can also benefit from hiring the services of Green Genie SEO. It is more preferable to entrust the job into the hands of the expert professionals instead of trying to learn the SEO process and doing it on your own.

If after all of the efforts you made in optimizing your business website, you still end up with no substantial improvements in your ranking and traffic, you surely need the help of experts from Green Genie. As a reliable SEO company, they can help introduce several state of the art SEO strategies that you haven’t used yet. On top of that, with SEO being their specialty, you can count on Green Genie SEO to have all the resources required for doing the job.

Careful planning is important once you have finally decided to outsource all of your SEO needs. This way, you can be sure that you will choose the best company that you can work with. Of course, you wouldn’t want ending up with one which will make use of all types of shady methods which could only prove to be harmful for your website.

At this day and age when cutthroat competition is everywhere you look, what you need and want is a qualified and reliable SEO company which can render top of the line results with the use of professional ad ethical SEO strategies. So, instead of getting your hands full, choose Green Genie, and you can expect for nothing but the best results you deserve.


Identity Thieves Precautions

The Damage That Identity Thieves Are Capable Of Inflicting
We live in a digital world where we enjoy the conveniences of the internet including the ability to interact with people from all corners of the world with great ease. Great as the internet is however, it has given rise to a dangerous breed of people who are using all the online facilities they can lay their hands on to steal people’s identities with catastrophic results. Should these criminals succeed in stealing your identity, you could suffer immensely.
Give you a criminal record
Some innocent people have found themselves arrested because somebody stole their identities and used it to commit crimes. This normally happens when the criminals get hold of a vital document such as a passport or driver’s license. Sometimes all the thieves need is the passport number. If they get caught in the course of their activities and use your documents, you immediately get a criminal record. It might take years for you to clear your name and in some instances people have found themselves behind bars before their names are cleared.

Mess your credit rating
Some identity thieves use their victim’s identification documents to make credit purchases which (naturally) they never pay for. The victim could then continue with life with no knowledge of the event but such an incident could affect you for a very long time. It goes to give you a bad credit rating and this has long term consequences. People with bad credit might be unable to obtain loans and if they did they’d have to pay very exorbitant interest rates. Again, clearing your name might take a very long time. In some states, insurance companies use an applicant’s credit rating to set rates and people with low credit scores sometimes find themselves paying up to 50% more than the people with great scores. In summary, a low score can have adverse effects on many areas of a person’s life.

Trouble with Internal Revenue
Some identity thieves use other people’s social security numbers (SSN) to make job applications. Should they get hired, they could continue working for years paying taxes in their name but using your SSN. When at a later date the ID thief ceases paying taxes, internal revenue will locate the real owner of the SSN and the victim will be required to account for the unpaid taxes.


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Identity theft has the capacity to drastically inconvenience a person and all measures should be taken to ensure that you do not become a victim.…


Tips when Roaming the Internet

How safe is your wireless network?

A highly secured home network means that your family can enjoy using the internet without compromising their safety and security.

Nowadays, most people are enjoying wireless internet in almost all of their devices: Laptops, computers, TV’s, Tablets, gaming consoles, and smartphones. While it’s great to have a convenient and accessible browsing experience, one should not overlook the malicious threats from hackers who may want to penetrate your network and steal important data. Security is your number one priority. In order to stay protected, your home network must be equipped with advanced tools so your family members can take confidence in using the internet safely and securely.

The first and easy step that you can do in preventing the vicious’ hackers attacks to security is to keep all your devices updated and maintained. The second step is ensuring that your Wireless Router is encrypted. In order to do this, you must access your router’s page by typing in on your browser. It will then prompt you to enter your log in credentials. Once you are in, go to the Wireless Tab of your router. Make sure that the SSID or the Wireless Network’s name is changed and personalized according to your preference. Next, you may want to review your security encryption.

The highest level of security that your router can offer is WPA2 or Wifi Protected Access 2. See to it that you to use a difficult password and not one that is easy to guess. Sometimes, you might also need to set up a separate password for your guests. Now that your router is secured, you will also need to check on your Firewall or Antivirus. These Firewalls ward off hackers from accessing your valuable information. It also scans emails, files and software that appear to be suspicious. You will need to update it frequently to ensure that your protection is stronger. Your family’s life might be at stake when you are out in the open for Malicious Hackers. Hence, you should prioritize the safety and treat it with utmost care. Stay safe and protected with a highly secured Home Network.…


Our Review this week – Spokane SEO Company

This week we travel to Spokane and talk with a window cleaning business owner turned Professional Online Marketing Company.  I sat down with Justin, owner of an online marketing company in Spokane and asked him questions how he got started in Internet marketing.

Justin explained how he started back in 2003 building his window cleaning company.  Each year he would beat the pavement going door to door.  Starting from zero customers he built up a nice little business by the end of 2010.  But what he noticed was other window cleaning companys, many much just starting were passing him up in revenue.  After realizing it was their online presence that was doing it for them he took the plunge.  Paid to have a website built then sat waiting for the phone to ring.  He went back to the web designer and asked why people weren’t calling him from the website.   The web designer told him you have to get it optimized silly.  They call that SEO which an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization“.  What is SEO, Justin asked?  SEO is the work done to a website in order to make it popular in Googles eyes the web designer explained.  There are company’s who specialize in this and many others that do it along with the website design. At the time Justin didn’t realize the importance of choosing the correct company which would come back to bite him later on.

So out of the gate Justin raced to find an SEO company. After interviewing several companies Justin went with a local company. They insisted to have a top ranking within 6 months. After Nine months and thousands of dollars later, his website was barely on the 2nd page. Time to pull the plug. He states it was the best thing that could of happened really. Winter time is usually slow for window cleaning allowing a lot of soul searching and office paperwork. Instead Justin dug down and learned everything he could about SEO. Building several sites, practicing on some, experimenting on others, by spring of 2012 Justin had achieved the number one spot on Google for window cleaning.

Over the next five years He watched his window cleaning company get bigger and bigger mostly because of his online presence. His SEO Skill-set grew stronger and stronger over the next 4 years with many more websites created, more tracking, more experimenting leading to more results. The year 2015 Justin realized what this skill had done for his service business and a light bulb went on. Other Business owners such as himself, and heaven knows there are a lot of them. Pretty much anyone in business, right? All these people could use Justin’s help. Knowing the money he had spent for little results, he knew a business could be built duplicating the same results he achieved for his window cleaning business. So late 2015 Justin started to mold his office manager to take over the rest of the day to day operations with the window cleaning. By early 2016 she was doing everything and Justin Monk SEO was born.

Justin offers a variety of services including Website Design but specializes in one, that is SEO. All the company’s will make claims they are good, or even the best. How can you tell? Well, maybe this is a bias way of finding the truth but it will make sense after explained. If you want golf lessons are you going to hire an attorney to give you them? Probably not, what about when it comes down to two golf coaches, how do you pick the best one. If one has a PGA plaque and trophies on the wall and the other has nothing, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. 
 The same can be tracked with SEO. SEO’s are supposed to be good at ranking websites on google right? Well which keyword do you feel would be the hardest to rank for? I’ll give you one guess, yep you guessed right – SEO Spokane!! Since SEO is the main term any company that is worth their weight in gold is going to rank for it. You can easily see who’s better by who ranks higher, right? There are going to be three places, first, second and third. I don’t have to explain what the order means, have you ever watched the olympics. 

However the same doesn’t apply to all skills. Take web designers for instance. If you google Website Design Spokane or Website Design Coeur d alene, you aren’t going to find the best company by who comes up first. Chances are statistically you’re going to call one of the first company’s, but that doesn’t mean they are better than the guy on page two. With SEO it’s a unique niche and it’s really awesome you can decipher the good from the bad by doing a simple search. Give Justin a call and he can show you hundreds of more #1 Rankings achieved for customers just like you. Don’t learn the hard way like he did.

You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin


Benefits of referring online reviews

d1Every survey posted online by a client is a type of promoting for your business. Yourname and item are presented to peruses, expanding their attention to who you are and what you do. Online surveys spread numerous more organizations than other media sources ever would – including numerous little organizations. They can give the sort of mass introduction that you may never have the capacity to manage the cost of through conventional advertising channels.

We specialize in bringing you well researched reviews on businesses throughout the entire United States.  Part of our intense thorough research we contact customers of the very businesses we are reviewing.  We check their online reviews and reputation before leaving ours.

Enhanced web crawler results

Audits can likewise impact web internet searcher results. Web indexes, for example, Google consider how often your business name is said in surveys. In case you’re specified a great deal of times, you’re prone to seem higher in the list items for a specific sort of business than one that isn’t checked on all the time.

Useful feedback and proposals

Some online audits might raise concerns or propose enhancements identified withOnlineReviews_Header your business. This can be a decent chance to determine a client’s issue and/or enhance business hones. All things considered, a number of the clients who bring worries up in online audits would at present grumble about your business to other individuals, regardless of the possibility that they didn’t post a survey. At any rate if the grievance is distributed where you can see it, you have the chance to address your client’s worry and react openly, on the off chance that you feel this is important. Numerous clients likewise have great proposals about better approaches to do things, or new items that you could offer, so audit destinations can be a free wellspring of incredible business thoughts. You can find Best Company reviews online.

A nearer association with clients

In the same way as other different types of social networking, online audit destinations allow you to build up a nearer association with your clients. You’re prone to get the opportunity to peruse surveys from a scope of clients, a large portion of whom may not generally let you know their assessments of your business. You can likewise answer to both positive and negative audits, exhibiting that you’re occupied with what clients need to say. Numerous clients appreciate knowing the individual behind the business, and might turn out to be more faithful to you subsequently.

hook-881439_640A nearer association with clients

In the same way as Best company reviews, online audit sites allow you to build up a nearer association with your clients. You’re prone to get the opportunity to peruse surveys from a scope of clients, a considerable lot of whom may not generally let you know their sentiments of your business. You can likewise answer to both positive and negative surveys, exhibiting that you’re occupied with what clients need to say.

Client surveys/testimonials have dependably could possibly impact other individuals’ methodologies towards a business/item. Before, these surveys were interconnected for the most part by listening in on others’ conversations. Be that as it may, the web has given client audits mass inclusion. A large number of clients now post audits of
merchandise and administrations on sites, online journals and other online networking. What’s more, a large number of individuals read them. Research demonstrates that positive online audits expand the likelihood of clients utilizing your business, while negative surveys decrease it.