This week we travel to Spokane and talk with a window cleaning business owner turned Professional Online Marketing Company.  I sat down with Justin, owner of an online marketing company in Spokane and asked him questions how he got started in Internet marketing.

Justin explained how he started back in 2003 building his window cleaning company.  Each year he would beat the pavement going door to door.  Starting from zero customers he built up a nice little business by the end of 2010.  But what he noticed was other window cleaning companys, many much just starting were passing him up in revenue.  After realizing it was their online presence that was doing it for them he took the plunge.  Paid to have a website built then sat waiting for the phone to ring.  He went back to the web designer and asked why people weren’t calling him from the website.   The web designer told him you have to get it optimized silly.  They call that SEO which an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization“.  What is SEO, Justin asked?  SEO is the work done to a website in order to make it popular in Googles eyes the web designer explained.  There are company’s who specialize in this and many others that do it along with the website design. At the time Justin didn’t realize the importance of choosing the correct company which would come back to bite him later on.

So out of the gate Justin raced to find an SEO company. After interviewing several companies Justin went with a local company. They insisted to have a top ranking within 6 months. After Nine months and thousands of dollars later, his website was barely on the 2nd page. Time to pull the plug. He states it was the best thing that could of happened really. Winter time is usually slow for window cleaning allowing a lot of soul searching and office paperwork. Instead Justin dug down and learned everything he could about SEO. Building several sites, practicing on some, experimenting on others, by spring of 2012 Justin had achieved the number one spot on Google for window cleaning.

Over the next five years He watched his window cleaning company get bigger and bigger mostly because of his online presence. His SEO Skill-set grew stronger and stronger over the next 4 years with many more websites created, more tracking, more experimenting leading to more results. The year 2015 Justin realized what this skill had done for his service business and a light bulb went on. Other Business owners such as himself, and heaven knows there are a lot of them. Pretty much anyone in business, right? All these people could use Justin’s help. Knowing the money he had spent for little results, he knew a business could be built duplicating the same results he achieved for his window cleaning business. So late 2015 Justin started to mold his office manager to take over the rest of the day to day operations with the window cleaning. By early 2016 she was doing everything and Justin Monk SEO was born.

Justin offers a variety of services including Website Design but specializes in one, that is SEO. All the company’s will make claims they are good, or even the best. How can you tell? Well, maybe this is a bias way of finding the truth but it will make sense after explained. If you want golf lessons are you going to hire an attorney to give you them? Probably not, what about when it comes down to two golf coaches, how do you pick the best one. If one has a PGA plaque and trophies on the wall and the other has nothing, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. 
 The same can be tracked with SEO. SEO’s are supposed to be good at ranking websites on google right? Well which keyword do you feel would be the hardest to rank for? I’ll give you one guess, yep you guessed right – SEO Spokane!! Since SEO is the main term any company that is worth their weight in gold is going to rank for it. You can easily see who’s better by who ranks higher, right? There are going to be three places, first, second and third. I don’t have to explain what the order means, have you ever watched the olympics. 

However the same doesn’t apply to all skills. Take web designers for instance. If you google Website Design Spokane or Website Design Coeur d alene, you aren’t going to find the best company by who comes up first. Chances are statistically you’re going to call one of the first company’s, but that doesn’t mean they are better than the guy on page two. With SEO it’s a unique niche and it’s really awesome you can decipher the good from the bad by doing a simple search. Give Justin a call and he can show you hundreds of more #1 Rankings achieved for customers just like you. Don’t learn the hard way like he did.

You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin