How safe is your wireless network?

A highly secured home network means that your family can enjoy using the internet without compromising their safety and security.

Nowadays, most people are enjoying wireless internet in almost all of their devices: Laptops, computers, TV’s, Tablets, gaming consoles, and smartphones. While it’s great to have a convenient and accessible browsing experience, one should not overlook the malicious threats from hackers who may want to penetrate your network and steal important data. Security is your number one priority. In order to stay protected, your home network must be equipped with advanced tools so your family members can take confidence in using the internet safely and securely.

The first and easy step that you can do in preventing the vicious’ hackers attacks to security is to keep all your devices updated and maintained. The second step is ensuring that your Wireless Router is encrypted. In order to do this, you must access your router’s page by typing in on your browser. It will then prompt you to enter your log in credentials. Once you are in, go to the Wireless Tab of your router. Make sure that the SSID or the Wireless Network’s name is changed and personalized according to your preference. Next, you may want to review your security encryption.

The highest level of security that your router can offer is WPA2 or Wifi Protected Access 2. See to it that you to use a difficult password and not one that is easy to guess. Sometimes, you might also need to set up a separate password for your guests. Now that your router is secured, you will also need to check on your Firewall or Antivirus. These Firewalls ward off hackers from accessing your valuable information. It also scans emails, files and software that appear to be suspicious. You will need to update it frequently to ensure that your protection is stronger. Your family’s life might be at stake when you are out in the open for Malicious Hackers. Hence, you should prioritize the safety and treat it with utmost care. Stay safe and protected with a highly secured Home Network.